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September 11, 2001: Remembering How Lions Helped

September 11, 2011

lions helping on sept 11Ten years later, the events of September 11 are etched in our memories. On that day, Lions mobilized to do what we do best: serve the needs of others. We provided immediate help and laid the foundation for long-term relief. Through the September 11 Disaster Relief Fund, Lions and Lions Clubs International Foundation mobilized US$3.2 million in grants and donations from around the world.

The impact of the relief fund was immense – Lions brought health, hope and healing to countless individuals. This was done through short-term financial assistance, job training, mentoring of children, assistance for disabled people, sponsorship of bereavement retreats and partnering with other not-for-profit groups. Lions purchased rescue tools, staffed a warehouse at Ground Zero to supply workers with needed equipment, provided a place for workers to sleep and to get warm in retrofitted shipping containers and established a communications network.

For a look at how Lions helped that day and later, read “Remembering September 11” in our current issue of LION Magazine.

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