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Lions, LCIF Mobilizing More Than US$5 Million for Disaster Relief Efforts in Japan

March 15, 2011

Following last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Lions and LCIF are working to provide relief to those affected by the disaster. LCIF is mobilizing more than US$5 million, or 400 million Japanese Yen, to support immediate relief efforts. This includes major catastrophe grant funding, seven emergency grants of US$10,000 each to the seven affected districts and designated donations from Lions around the world.

Japan Lions Clubs International leaders meeting in Tokyo

International Director Seiki Yamaura and International Director Yasumasa Furo at emergency meeting in Tokyo

This morning, several of our staff members in Oak Brook spoke with Lions in Japan. International Directors  Furo and Yamaura provided an update on relief efforts, and Lion Tsugumichi Hata, who lives in Sendai, provided an update on the devastation and needs.

Just yesterday, Lions were finally able to make contact with Lions in the hardest hit areas. Within two days of the disaster, Lions had established a relief center at the Lions office in Japan, as well as two bases in each of the Lions’ affected multiple districts. Lions have also sent a truckload of water. “The damage differs from place to place. Lifelines are mostly restored, but there is a gas shortage. I can’t travel far in my car to assess the needs and damage,” said Hata.

During the call, a 6.0 earthquake struck in Tokyo and was felt in Sendai. “This disaster hasn’t stopped, it’s still ongoing,” said Hata. Lions described the shaking over the call. “On behalf of all Lions of Japan, we wish to thank all of you for your support,” said Furo. Lions are appreciative of the immediate response of LCIF and Lions worldwide.

Lions have planned a coordination meeting for March 21, 2011. Lions from the most affected areas will travel to Japan to take part in the meeting and plan the next steps for relief efforts.

  1. April 1, 2011 12:39 pm

    Dear Lions from Japan.

    We Lions from India are with you. Please try treating drinking water contaminated with plutonium nuclear radiation as follows: pass the drinking water with Column Activated Carbon (Iodine value 1100) then pass with Silver Grade Activated Carbon, and then check the quality of drinking water. Pass this drinking water with ultra violet rays and you will observe the drinking water will be much less contaminated with radiation.

    I have more than 40 years experience designing and applying Water Effluent Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants, removing iron, lead, fluorine, and plants developed in India from Ion Exchange Resins and Process. I have designed Zero Discharge for various chemical and dyeing Industries in Goa/Maharshta in India. I am a 30-year Lion members in India.

    Lionlady Ranjana and Lion Dr.S.P. Shivanad will visit Japan and help Lions in Japan if they make arrangement of Visa and airplane arrangements from Mumbai to Japan site.

    Thanks, Lion Shashi Phal, Lions Club Ambernath, 323 A 2

    • Raymond Tan permalink
      April 1, 2011 6:29 pm

      Dear Lion Shashai Phal, I am from Lions Club of Johor Bahru Host of Malaysia District 308B1. Please leave your telephone contact number, address and email. I will like to pay your visit when I visit India. I admire your genuine love for the mankind by offering your know how to Japan Lions, you are one of those Lions who put Lionism in life.

      • April 3, 2011 8:15 pm

        4th April,11
        LIONS CLUB Johor Bahru Host of Malaysia District 308B1.

        Dear Lion Raymond Tan,

        Thanks for your email as Lions we should try to help our other humans all over the world. I have great respect for all Japan with courage and hard work they are trying to recover their nation and people. They are providing free food, water, shelter, medical help.

        During my research and application and design I have tried number of water and reuse for drinking from contamination water from Bore well, Rivers, Effluent and Sewage Water reuse for Drinking. I have Design, Fabricate, supply and export, drinking water plants of 100 Lts to 65,000 Lts/Hr plants. More than 500 plants are working.

        I have developed and supplied plants for villages, housing complexes, companies, schools, hotels in India Hyderbad, Chennai, Gujarat, Goa, Varanasi, U.P,M.P. Maharashtra plants for removing, high TDS, iron, fluorine, Led and Toxic Gases from water, Air, ETP and STP plants from 1978. I have Exported Plants in Africa, S.Africa, Nigeria, Kenya.

        Number of places in schools, colleges, villages, orpanages, we have supplied free plants for drinking water for last 20 years. We are also doing TURN KEY PROJECTS in chemicals, pharma, ion exchange and Alkyid resins, A.Carbon, detergent and soap, dyes and textile chemicals, herbals and reuse of waste water, toxic gases removing, etc.

        I along with my Wife Lion Ranjana and Lion Son Shyam and Lion Beena and Dr.S.P. Shivand would like to visit Japan if possible to help Brothers and Sisters of Japan.

        Shesha Scienti Chem Pvt Ltd, Soft Dion Water
        Lion Shashikant Phal( Desai),M.D.
        Jai Laxmi Sagar, IInd Floor Flat No 7, Sai Section, Ambernath 421501, Dist:Thane, Mumbai-India.
        Tel No.+91-251-2603901


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