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Lions Helping Earthquake Victims in Christchurch, New Zealand

February 24, 2011

Our disaster preparedness and relief programs enable Lions to help local communities when disaster strikes – like Tuesday’s earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. LCIF is providing relief for earthquake victims in New Zealand and local Lions are also reaching out to help their neighbors. The following story, from Past International Director Ron Luxton, shows how Lions are helping others following this disaster.

The devastating earthquake has seen an immediate response from local and international Lions. The rescue work is continuing in collapsed buildings. Most of the city is without power, water or waste facilities. Clean drinking water is a huge priority for the citizens.

District Governor Raewyn Clearwater reports that within 24 hours, she located and purchased a bulk supply of bottled drinking water. With the assistance of PDG Phillip Lynch and many local Lions, they have distributed bottles of drinking water throughout the city and suburbs.

DG Raewyn has mobilised many Lion volunteers and has contacted local radio stations who have broadcast exactly where the supplies of water are available. Raewyn is quoted as saying “the people were so very grateful to the Lions for the water that many of the residents wanted to help pay for the cost of the water and were very moved that, although affected themselves, the Lions were out helping the people of the city.”

The Lions clubs in Christchurch have all volunteered to join a roster which will see Lions out every day distributing more fresh drinking water. This is possible due to an immediate grant of US$10,000 from LCIF. A call this evening for 20 volunteers to help at the Civil Defence Welfare centres tomorrow has seen 34 Lions volunteer within a matter of a couple of hours – this is in addition to those distributing the water.

DG Raewyn and her cabinet have also made available $20,000 each to the Salvation Army and the City Mission to purchase food used in preparing meals for displaced persons at the Civil Defence Welfare Centres around the city. This will enable the Salvation Army and the City Mission to concentrate on the preparation and distribution of food and meals to those in need. DG Raewyn is very proud of the response of local Lions and extremely grateful for the support she has received from Lions around the world and from LCIF.

  1. tumuhimbise scovia permalink
    April 8, 2011 5:52 am

    Thanks very much for helping people that are different. I called scovi I come from Uganda in East Africa. I like helping also and when I have something, I can share with my friends easily. I come from a family where we stay with our mum because our dad died when we were still young. I am a student at Uganda Christian University Bishop Barham in East Africa. Thanks for the prayer you always have upon peoples lives to be successful. My request to you is to pray for me so that I can get tuition fees for my studies because I have failed to get my fees and I like my studies and in order to help other people as God will be my guider. May God bless you and I request you to keep on interacting with me.

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