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Story of the Week: Lions Bring Improved Sight to Hundreds in the Democratic Republic of Congo

February 11, 2011

As Lions, we fill the needs of our local community, but we are also part of a global community that is 1.35 million Lions strong. Together, we can address the needs of people around the world.

One of our main causes is sight. Lions recycle eyeglasses, deliver corneal tissue for transplants, fund cataract surgeries and so much more. LCIF staff recently traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where residents lined up for the chance to have their vision screened and receive free glasses.

The DRC is a very poor country with just 58 ophthalmologists to serve a population of 62 million people. Through a partnership between Lions in the DRC, Lions Clubs International Foundation and German Lions, a large group of villagers received glasses and some underwent cataract surgery.

In this video, you’ll see DRC residents waiting to have their vision screened.

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