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Story of the Week: Negaunee Lions Use Recycled Lumber to Spruce Up a Local Park

January 28, 2011

Protecting our natural resources is a big concern for Lions. In April, we will participate in the Protecting our Environment Global Service Action Campaign to preserve the planet.

Lions in Michigan saw remodeling at a local museum as an opportunity to reuse resources. A walkway nearly a quarter of a mile long was set to be torn down. Instead, the Negaunee Lions offered to remove the walkway and recycle it. The lumber now has a new life as a 300-foot boardwalk built by Lions at a historic park. Families and those who are mobility impaired can enjoy the walkways and view at this breathtaking park that once provided iron ore used to make steel during the Civil War.

In this video, you will learn how a partnership between public works, the museum and Lions built a great asset to a town in Northern Michigan.

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