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Lions Diabetes Awareness Month: Making Strides Against a Global Epidemic

November 2, 2010

During Lions Diabetes Awareness Month in November, many of our clubs work on projects to fight a disease that affects 250 million people. We recently sent a video crew to see how the San Diego Premier Lions Club is making strides against this disease.

The club’s “Lions Dance for Diabetes” project offers a free dance lesson – and the chance to receive diabetes information, advice and screenings from a doctor or nurse. Each “Dance” also includes a short presentation about diabetes symptoms, risk factors and complications.

By educating young people and minorities, the club hopes to reduce the incidence of diabetes. “I’ve been living with diabetes for 13 years,” says Virginia Palmer, a member of a neighboring Lions club who serves as a role model. “Before I didn’t do any dieting or exercising. Now I am much more aware. I watch my food intake and I do a lot of exercise.” By involving the community, Lions are helping others take the steps needed to live healthy, active lives.

  1. November 2, 2010 10:21 pm

    Lions Club of Kathmnadu Chabahil (055078) had started to organize “Strides: Lions Walk for Diabetes Awareness and Talk Program” on different topics continuously from L/Y 2006/07 in association with Astha Nepal on every 14 November (World Diabetes Day). District 325 A Nepal has plans to organize same program on 14 November in Kiritipur, and bring awareness to the local people about diabetes and its impact on our nation. 40 to 60 clubs are involved in the program. Now, we are very impressed with the Diabetes Dance Program, so please, send detail how we will make that program successful.

    With best regards,

    Lion Purna Bahadur Sangat
    Zone Chairperson

    • November 3, 2010 10:00 am

      The Lions advertise their dances throughout the community and encourage members to bring family and friends. This guarantees a good turnout. They selected a Lion to lead the activity who has a lot of energy. She has diabetes so she can talk from personal experience and serve as a great role model. The Lions make the evening fun. While there is an educational session, it is short and the Lions concentrate on assuring that everyone has a great time.

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