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Photo of the Week: West Papua Tribe Thanks Apple-MAQ Lions for Disaster Relief

October 4, 2010

The Apple-MAQ Lions Club in Queensland, Australia runs the Lions Aid & Relief Centre (LARC) to collect and distribute health and education-related equipment to people in need. We received this week’s photo from David Phillips, the club’s LARC Coordinator.

West Papua Tribe Thanks Apple-MAQ Lions Club for Disaster Assistance
During the past six years, the LARC has sent 61 containers of medical supplies, including beds and walkers, to more than 20 locations. This photo shows a tribe in West Papua thanking the club for providing medical supplies after a series of natural disasters.

Learn more about the LARC, and how you can help it continue to help others, on YouTube.

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  1. October 4, 2010 1:39 pm

    Thanks for the post. We run a very active project.

    In the Sydney Lions conference, I received many nice comments and requests from African representatives interested in receiving shipments. Three African countries to receive shipments from the project so far are Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.

    Our focus is on Health and Education which includes computers and all related items. We have our own Medical Technician and wheel-chair mechanic. Nothing leaves unless it is checked out and in in excellent working order.

    It has become a full time project for me and my family, with great assistance from club members who give what time they can.

    We work closely with the Eyeglass Recycling Centre, and each container that goes out has Eyeglasses in it.

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