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Story of the Week: Highland Village Lions Hot Air Balloon Festival

September 3, 2010

Hot air balloons are interesting to a wide variety of people, from kids to families to adults. It’s hard to not look skyward when you see a hot air balloon and wonder what it’s like to take flight.

The Highland Village Lions Club in Texas has capitalized on this natural curiosity for decades now. In its 23rd year, the Highland Village Balloon Festival and Fair brings together balloonists and residents from throughout the area for a fun three-day party. The festival includes live music, vendors, famous Texas barbecue and of course, more than a dozen hot air balloons piloted by experts.

Depending on the weather, the balloons may take flight up to four times during the course of the festival. The evenings feature a balloon “glow” in which the balloonists inflate their crafts and use the propane tanks to illuminate the area with a nightlight-like hue.

The proceeds of this event support more than 20 charities, including local, state and SightFirst initiatives.

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  1. September 9, 2010 8:42 pm

    Its great to be a Lion. We need to invite every friend we have to join in this great cause. Lillington Lions

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