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Lions Work to Rebuild Greensburg, Kansas

April 26, 2010

When a massive F-5 tornado struck a small Kansas town, some pundits mused that it was nature’s own mercy killing of the tiny town with a dwindling, older population.

But in the shadow of tragedy, this tiny town banded together to build stronger, better lives.  Lions have been a large part of the renaissance and continue to shape the future for this Midwest town.

The almost 1,000 single-family homes that were destroyed are slowly being reconstructed, many with solar panels. And the 110 businesses that suffered heavy damages have kept an eye on the environment during their repairs and rebuilds. Visitors, volunteers and residents are now greeted with a town that is truly “green,” the village aims to be the largest collection of environmentally friendly buildings anywhere in the country. We recently traveled to Greensburg to see how Lions are helping the town rebuild.

Watch Lion Steve Dawson take a tour of the new Greensburg.

Watch a photo slide show about how Lions purchased a helicopter landing pad.

greensburg slide show

Read more about Greensburg in this month’s LION Magazine.


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