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Lions in Alabama Build a “Field of Dreams” for Baseball Players with Special Needs

April 6, 2010

Our members are willing to do whatever it takes to make our communities better places to live. And people know they can count on Lions to pitch in – whether the cause is improving eyesight, or bringing baseball to those who usually don’t have a chance to get in the game.

We recently sent a film crew to Moody, Alabama to find out about a Lions “Miracle League” where everyone who wants to play ball gets the opportunity. There’s beeper ball for the blind. T-ball for players with special needs. And a rubber surface that makes it easy to round the bases in a wheelchair.

In the Miracle League, everyone gets a hit – and everyone scores. Because it’s not about winning. It’s just about being able to play. Vernon Barker, a member of the Moody Lions Club told our film crew, “My favorite spot is in the bleachers where I can look down third base line and watch their faces when they come across home plate. That’s what charges my batteries.”

Watch Field of Dreams on YouTube.

Lions in Alabama Build a “Field of Dreams” for Disabled=

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    This is the great work.

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