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Story of the Week: Lions Reach Across Continents to Help Badly Burned Boy

April 2, 2010

A Lion never wonders, “What can one person do?” Because our members are part of a global service network, they can help their own community – and contribute to Lions efforts in other countries. We recently received a story from District Secretary Mohamed Bourouba that shows how Lions in Algeria were able to reach out to Lions in France to help an injured child.

Two new members of the Alger Zhira Lions Club contacted Bourouba seeking help for Youssouf, a 9-year-old boy. Youssouf had suffered second and third degree burns over a large part of his body and needed immediate medical care that was not available in Algeria. Bourouba contacted Lions throughout the district by e-mail and phone to tell them about the badly burned boy.

Lions in Algeria Reach Across Continents to Save Badly Burned Boy

Lions across Algeria responded quickly and helped arrange Youssouf’s transfer to a major burn center in Marseille, France. They also contacted Lions in France who facilitated medical care, and enabled specialized treatment to begin as soon as Youssouf arrived. Youssouf spent several months in France, where he received three life-saving skin grafts. An Algerian Lion living in Marseille visited Youssouf regularly, and the French Lions showered him with gifts and attention.

Lions in Algeria and France Help Badly Burned Boy

Following treatment, he returned to Algeria completely healed. During a welcome home reception, Youssouf put on a Lions vest, and saluted the Lions who helped him.Badly Burned Boy Recovers, Thanks Lions in Algeria

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  1. April 7, 2010 12:39 pm

    Great job done by the Lions of Algeria & France to save the life of Yousuf. They deserve all the praisefor truly living upto the slogan of LCI ” WE SERVE”. .Hope that Lions worldwide continue to serve the society with great vigour & zeal

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