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Lions Club Story of the Week: Watch Behind the Scenes Video from Our Latest LQ Shoot

March 24, 2010

This week, we want to take you behind the scenes of LQ – Lions Quarterly, our video magazine. We work year round to find interesting stories of Lions doing their part to improve their community.

Once our crew has traveled the world to capture Lions on location, we head to the studio to bring it all together. Producer Carole Burke-Hallberg of CBH Video coordinates a long process of editing scripts, recording voice overs and providing feedback to Julia Ho, our on-screen anchorwoman for LQ. Julia is from Detroit and has been a reporter in Detroit, Los Angeles and Phoenix. Julia speaks English, French, Spanish and Chinese, which are the languages of her opening and closing statements of LQ.

See Julia start her day in the studio recording voice overs for LQ clips:voiceover

Watch Julia getting ready for her on-camera work:makeup

See Julia recording the on-camera segments of LQ in front a green screen: green screen

That’s a wrap for this edition. Watch the April edition of LQ online.

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      Thanks for the comment … and for letting us know about your blog. We’ve added it to our blogroll.

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